Poke the guy


Poke the Guy is a unique release from Microgaming and a big far cry from the average live reel-spinner video slot game. Rather than just spin the reels, or even just push a button when you want to play a game, Poke the Guy features a whole new way of playing video slots – by guessing what the Guy’s next move is going to be! Players must take down the infamous giant Guy, who is terrorizing a city with his own crazy antics, before time runs out! The online version is a lot more challenging than its console or offline forerunner, but is still just as fun!

Like all the best slots games on the Internet, Poke the Guy has a special feature that differentiates it from its competition. Unlike all the other games on the site, this game has no icons for specific reels. Everything you see is what you get! This means that the positions that you will place your bets on is completely random. There are, however, some special features that make this game a little more challenging to play than others, and that’s why it’s getting more popular.

First of all, there are no icons for different reels in this game. This can make a lot of difference when you are trying to figure out where you should place your bets. As such, instead of just spinning the reels like you would in a regular slot machine, you have to think about what the game wants from you. If it wants you to bet a certain amount of money, then it shows up with a specific icon. If it wants you to bet a certain number of coins, then it will show up with that as well. These special icons are what separate the regular slot machines from the “Poke the Guy” slot machines on the Internet.

Speaking of icons, the game also has a special slot reel that allows you to place three of them on it at once. When you do, an icon appears on the reels for three different symbols. Each symbol corresponds to a particular number that you can bet with on that reel. However, since there are twenty-four symbols on the reel, you can end up betting a lot on a small bet, or a very small bet, if you’re not careful.

The “Poke the Guy” game may be one of the newest casino games to hit the Internet, but it is also one of the most fun to play. If you like playing video games that require strategy, then you will probably love this one. There are three different levels of play, as well as bonuses and leader board upgrades for every level. Plus, you only need a few minutes to play poke the guy slots, so you can literally play this game whenever you want. So even if you don’t have a lot of time to play video games, you can still have some fun with this one!

In conclusion, poke the guy slot machines offer a unique take on the casino game, in that it gives you an opportunity to use strategy to win real money. Plus, the free spins make this game a great choice to play when you just have a little extra time. This game is especially great because it doesn’t cost anything to play, so you won’t be concerned with breaking the bank in the process, as you would be in a lot of other casino games where winning money is dependent on paying real money.

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