10001 nights

The 10001 Nights casino game is a new spin on a well loved casino game. In the 10001 Nights video slot game, players take on the roll of the movie’s leading bad guy. Slots are used for playing the game and are shaped like Bad Guys from the movie including bullets, arms, legs, face, etc. The player rolls a disc through a series of circles and has to stop once they hit a icon which usually marks a “Z” in the circular design. Points are earned by hitting the icon, and extra points can be gained by using certain icons that cause a chain reaction.

The 10001 Nights slot machines are all based on traditional casino games of luck and chance, and they have to use the same “okers” as all other slot machines in a casino. The most common symbols used in the video slot game are the “A” and “Bars”, with “O” being the most unusual of all. For every five spins a player earns two points. In order to increase the amount of points a player earns in each spin the icons used must change. A typical game can end up being a little over two hours long, and can occasionally stretch into three or four hours of gaming fun.

In addition to the traditional slots there are also “skill” type games on the 10001 nights slot machines. For example, if you choose a symbol and you land on an “X” it means you have successfully matched a character. You then add that symbol to your reel so that you can land the wild when you hit the icon again. This type of game takes longer to play than regular slots because you have to match symbols instead of numbers when you place your reels.

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