Fallen States: Five Countries Where Online Gambling is Illegal

Fallen States Five Countries Where Online Gambling is Illegal

In reality, many Fallen States prohibited gambling. While it helps boost the economy, it has terrible effects if players become irresponsible. When you engage in gambling, their laws shall punish you. So, if you plan to hit some dice, you better check if the country you are in allows gambling. Now that you are curious about which countries to avoid if you do not want to end in jail, read this article.

#1. “Fallen States” The United Arab Emirates

Most, if not all, Islamic Countries have strict rules when it comes to gambling. Since their scriptures see vices as a bad influence, they highly prohibit this act. However, other states do not enforce this religious practice entirely, except for the UAE.

You will serve at least two years of prison time if you get caught gambling in their lands. The laws cover both offline and online casino games. Please do not try to violate this law, for they do not turn a blind eye to whoever you are.

#2. Cambodia

Another Asian country follows strict policies in gambling. The government does not allow their locals to engage in any gambling forms, except those permitted by the state. This law is not due to religion, but to quell citizens’ rampant addiction in the 1990s.

However, their laws are more lenient to foreigners. To attract tourists, they have some casinos dedicated for them to enjoy. Cambodia thus tolerates gambling if it involves other nationalities.

#3. North Korea

Kim Jong Un is the most famous person in North Korea. As its dictator, people follow strict protocols in gambling. God knows what their government does to people who do not follow the rules. NK’s government has a significant impact on each citizen’s lives, so you better not mess with them.

Similar to Cambodia, it has relaxed policies to foreigners. However, you should make sure that you are on a guided tour or playing in Pyongyang casinos.

#4. Lebanon

This one is another Islamic state similar to UAE. As its laws say, they do not tolerate offline and online gambling. However, the rule only applies to their citizens, and not on passing national. It is quite challenging for online casinos to transcend this state’s borders, for they quash them instantly.

There is one online and offline casino operating in Lebanon, and it is state-run. If you cannot stop yourself from playing, this country has a casino ship that will take you to lands that permit gambling.

#5. Poland

This one is a rare gem in Europe. While most of the casinos in this region have some lenient online gambling policies, Poland remains different. It may not entirely ban casinos from operating, but online websites and land-based casinos should first seek a license before working.

Fallen States Bottom Line

Gambling has some adverse effects on players. Some countries do not want to tolerate addiction among their citizens, so they employ strict laws. The reasons behind some of them may be out of religion or history of mass addiction. Whatever it is, you should be responsible for finding out if a country allows gambling before you spin the wheels.

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