Bookworm: What Casino Novel Should You Read Next?

Bookworm: What Casino Novel Should You Read Next?

Casino Novel and books can get along together, you know? You learned how to land on a safe casino site or play like a pro in the previous articles. Let us tone down a bit and explore the world of books.

Don’t you know that some of your favorite casino movies came from a novel? The plot is way better in the books than in the cinema. While we will not name all books that turned into box-office hits, we shall give you a casino novel list that you should try.

#1. Casino Royale Written By Ian Fleming

If you know James Bond, then you must have heard about this novel. Yes, this box-office hit was once a story to tell. The plot focuses on an agent who works with the British government. Ian Fleming released this book in 1953, and it caught a lot of people’s attention since then.

While this movie does not center on a casino, most of its plot happened there. Plus, this novel tells us some lessons about politics, love, and conflict.

#2. Casino Novel: Love and Honor in Las Vegas Written By Nicholas Pileggi

The author published this novel in 1995, and it became a movie starring Robert de Niro. Like a classic novel, the story revolves around the mafia world and how enforcers take a step in defeating them.

Until today the book and movie about this novel stand on the most-rated classic stories of all time. Whether you are a teenager, a mom, or a professional, anyone will enjoy its story.

#3. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Written By Hunter S. Thompson

This novel does not also focus on casinos, but it imprints the life of Las Vegas into words. Raoul was a writer who wants to experience life in Las Vegas to turn it into a book. Along his side was his lawyer, Gonzo, who journeyed with him in trying drugs, gambling, and other illegal materials in the Sin City.

Johnny Depp made this story a lot better when he starred in the movie version.

#4. Molly’s Game By Molly Bloom

This story is from a real-life 26-year old, Molly, who dreamt of a happy-go-lucky life in Hollywood. She spent most of her time learning poker until she succeeded and became ‘Hollywood’s Poker Princess.’ However, the fun stopped when she lost everything after bumping against the US government.

It became a motion picture in 2017, starring Idris Alba and Jessica Chastain.

Casino Novel Conclusion

The casino is an excellent genre when it comes to novels and movies. They may not focus on how to win in casinos, but the plot is heavily affected by life in a casino. The authors in the novels are trying to attack social problems like politics and drug addiction.

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